Online CRM tools mission

In business need of automation of business processes became the habitual phenomenon. It is important both in megaprojects, and when conducting small, medium business. CRM is the powerful tool which is used for control, planning and analytics of work with clients, including, and through automation of the separate working moments.
In small business maintaining history of calls and contacts in Excel tables or use of stand-alone programs for analytics of overall performance still meets. You should better use proper onlineCRM tools These are examples of CRM which, of course, dry loses to automation of business processes. Therefore in the market for the last decade, there was a huge number of CRM — complex systems with the modules directed to performance of various tasks, uniform storage, and a possibility of connection of additional services.
The popular criterion of classification of CRM — target use by which systems are divided on:
Strategic objective — focus on creation and maintenance of customer-oriented business culture. The purpose of strategic CRM is concentration and knowledge acquisition about clients and use of this knowledge for improvement and individualization of interaction with consumers. Thus with them, the long relations are established. It is important to hold the old client than to attract new;
Quick — the main goal of such systems to integrate and automate sales, marketing, and support of clients. These functions are implemented through boards which give the review on all activity of the company, and through separate pages under each client of the company. The list contains information on the client, a sales history, calls, important dates of the client, etc. It is “pressing” of the relations between the consumer and the company. Operational CRM consists of 3 main components: blocks of automation of sales (includes stages from the introduction of contact information before the transformation of the potential client into real), marketing (for example, weekly mailing about special offers) and service (for example, integration with IP-telephony, mail, etc.);

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