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Experience the best SEO Options for You Here

In 2015, it is not enough for you to order texts scanned on the content exchange and to be purchased by links to get traffic from organic issuance. The only true strategy today is the planned improvement of the site, the creation of a resource that is useful and interesting to people.

Modern SEO is a complex work that you need to spend a lot of time on. But if you are not yet ready to pay for it to third-party specialists, these are the tips for optimization on your own will show you the main points that you should pay attention to. Support from an Affordable Local SEO is very important now.

Refer to the original source

If your goal is visitors from organic issuance, find out the requirements that the PCs impose on sites. You can search them in one of hundreds of articles about optimization or – in the official recommendations of search engines. Requirements from Yandex and Google are not classified information, anyone can familiarize with them. Find the courage to master the boring recommendations – they will become your most reliable assistant.

Watch the structure of the site

Your resource is not a maze, and users are not mice that want to find cheese. As the site develops, make sure that its structure remains understandable. Do not confuse or complicate it, try to place all the pages no more than three clicks from the main page. This is convenient for users: you do not need to circle around the resource in search of the necessary information. This is liked by search engines: the search engine quickly scans the site, which positively affects the rate of indexing.


Link website pages to each other with internal links. This technique is good for behavioral factors: by clicking on links, visitors stay longer on the site. In addition, this affects the ranking. By linking to a page with a lower “rank”, you increase its authority in the eyes of search engines. Such pages are better indexed than similar ones, but without internal links.Instead of meaningless words like “here”, “by this link” uses the anchor keywords – it will please search engines.

Work on download speed

Download speed is very important first of all for visitors. According to research conducted by Akamai , 47% of users expect that the site will be downloaded within 2 seconds. And more than half of the respondents – 52% confirmed that download speed affects their loyalty.

The loading time is reduced by means of image compression, caching, use of good hosting. Remember: there are no sites that download too fast.

Analyze the download speed of regular and mobile versions of the page you can with the Google PageSpeed ​​Insight tool. After checking, review the recommendations: the service will show what to look for when working on the speed.

Fine Steps Into the Media Options Now

Are you looking for a new website builder? Are you wondering how to make a good choice so that you get the service you deserve?You want to build a long term relationship with a web designer and that you get a good service. It may be that you want to have a completely new site or that you are dissatisfied with the current party you are working with.You go to Google and there it gets a bit tricky because there are so many different web designers. They all charge different prices and use different systems to realize your website. They also all provide a different service after the website has been built.

It is important in your choice not to compare apples with pears. That’s why we want to help you with the 6 most important things you need to look out for when looking for a new edge media source.

Pay attention to the systems that the website builder uses

There are many different parties that create websites and they use different systems. Our advice is to opt for a party that works with a well-known open source content management system such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. The biggest advantage of this is that your website can easily be expanded with extra plugins developed by the open source community.

  • Another advantage is that with an open source website you can easily switch to another website builder or web hosting environment when necessary. You avoid the so-called ‘vendor lock in’.
  • When a party works with a self-built system, this can often be much more difficult because the website is linked to their management system. Finally, an open source website is often cheaper because the website builder uses existing systems to realize your website.

Provide a responsive design

In this time it is very important that your website is clearly visible on smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs. More than 80 percent of people have internet on their mobile or tablet and a pleasant user experience on these devices is important to avoid missing out on customers.

When you look at different web designers, it is important to choose a party that offers responsive websites. This is a website where the design automatically adapts to the screen so that a good user experience is guaranteed and you do not miss new customers.

Do not be fooled by cheap one-off prices

Having a one-time website made for a few hundred euros sounds very good. Until you have questions about how you can adjust texts and images or other extra functionalities that you purchase. Then suddenly high costs are charged.

You also see that many web design parties never make security updates, which makes it a matter of time until your website is hacked. If the website builder has not made any backups of your website, you are well off the hook.