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7 Tips on Choosing Baby Car Seats A baby car seat is one of the biggest investments for your infant. It can be considered as a good approach to say I love you. Whether you are taking your baby to hospital or from hospital, a baby car seat is the safest place. With the many car seats in the market today, we have a few tips to help you find the best option for your baby.There are many car seats in the market, but here are the tips to help you choose the right model. First, discover the type of baby car seat you want. Car seats are of two categories; infant seats and convertible seats. The infant seats can be taken out and in the car, especially when you don’t want to wake up a sleeping infant. Though the convertible seats cannot be taken out and in of the car frequently, they offer a great deal of investment because they can last through a toddlerhood of your baby. Second, check the price. Some people will want to save some money. A travel system is an ideal option, which comes with a seat and a stroller. It is sold at a discount price, which can only be found at various stroller aisles.
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Third, check the safety features of the car seat. Many parents will want the safest car seats for their infants. Almost all car seats have been tested and approved for the modern safety standards. The safety technology improves so frequently and you will find newer seats with more advanced safety features. But, ensure you avoid going for the second-hand models.
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Fourth, it is important to check the features of the car seats before buying. Ensure it has two shoulder straps, two waist straps, and one strap between the infant’s legs to meet in the middle. Ensure there are air pads of foam pads at baby’s head sides. Remember to check if the car seat is compatible with the LATCH system to avoid using the seatbelts. Fifth, check for the additional features if buying an expensive car seat. They come with an anti-rebound bar to reduce movement at the infant’s feet in the event of a crush. Also check other features such as larger canopy, a boot around the feet, and smoother comfortable fabric. Sixth, the best baby car seat should have adjustable straps. This is important because your baby is growing, and you will need to adjust the straps at some point in time. Go for modern car seats that don’t require rethreading. The latest models have pull cords and adjustment handles. Lastly, don’t ignore installation process. Though this is not hectic to some parents, those high-end car seats can have complex additional features. Ask the company you bought from if they have uploaded installation videos, apart from the instruction books.